• What Transforms You?

    What Transforms You?

    For Halloween or any event

  • Tattoos You'll Never Regret!

    Tattoos You’ll Never Regret!

    Airbrush Temporary Tattoos

  • Sugar Skulls, Beauty or Beast

    Sugar Skulls, Beauty or Beast

    What’s your mood?

  • Celebrate Every Stage of Life!

    Celebrate Every Stage of Life!

    Prenatal Belly Art

Face Painting

Transforming faces into fantasy.
Fun for all ages

Belly Art

Celebrate every stage of life.
Every one is a custom design

Glitter Tattoos

Everything is better in Glitter!
Waterproof and lasts!

Special FX

The ultimate in personalized design.
You become the Masterpiece.

painting faces & bodies with joy!

Facepainting is always a draw at any event and fun for all ages.


Get inspired as you scroll through some of these creative ideas for face and body art, painted by artist, Magna Goerke.

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Granting your Wishes

Everyone loves the transformations created by a skillful face & body artist.  How will Face & Body Art take your event to the next level?

  • Corporate Event or Festival

    The professional artists at CATZ Faces provide fast and amazing artwork with the safest products and practices so your guests are assured to really enjoy your event.
  • Private Celebration

    I love parties. At private events there is more time to spend with each guest and provide them with amazing artwork. The adults usually get a chance to be painted as well. It’s fun to transform into fantasy no matter what your age.
  • Halloween & other Holidays

    Halloween is like the ‘Superbowl’ for body artists. Special FX and face painting is an easy, comfortable and inexpensive costume. You’re guaranteed to be noticed!
  • A New Baby!

    Celebrate every stage of life. It’s a great way to take prenatal photos to the next level and really personalize the moment. Each design is created just for you.

Looking forward to painting you soon!