14 Aug

Shrek Family goes to ‘Theatre Under the Stars’!

Shrek the Musical came to Theatre under the Stars at Stanley Park Aug 4, 2014 so of course we needed to see it as a family.

There was awful traffic getting to the show so we arrived after it started. When we went to take a photo in front of the stage at intermission we had a huge queue of guests wanting photos with us too.

I had made the Shrek and Fiona costumes several years ago, but Kitty Soft Paws and Donkey were created for this event. For Kitty Soft Paws, I used a bodysuit I wore back in the 80’s but was still good for my 12 year old 6′ daughter. I made a hat with fur trim and a fur ruff, tail and paws. Since her feet are size 11 feet are a little big and probably would be expensive for pirate boots, I just made a fleece cuff to add to boots she already had.
Donkey is a reluctant cosplayer, so I made sure her costume was very comfortable. It is a jacket (zips in back) and she could where her own fleece pants. The hat incorporated purchased ears I had on hand already. I just left slits at the top of the same pattern I used for Kitty so the ears could fit through. Since the ears were a headband, they stayed upright nicely.

Looking forward to the next excuse to dress up again. Next time I hope we can have costumes for the cat (Lord Farquaad) and dog (Dragon) too!